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Meet Secure Communication and Collaboration Requirements of your
teamwork with a Unified Platform

Take Full Ownership Of Your Data by Flexible Deployment Options

Comply with the security and privacy needs stipulated by legal regulations by the optional deployment of private cloud, hybrid
or on-premise installation. Take control and ownerhip of your data entirely. Protect your data in your communications by detailed security settings such as end-to-end encryption, password protection, privacy settings, OTR (Off The Record) messaging option.

Enhance Communication At a Unified Platform by Extensive Collaboration Features

Stay connected at any location and device independently mobile and web browsers without a need of application or browser extention. Take rapid actions by user friendly moderator management. Create channels and sub-channels, exchange messages share files, and add emoji to the messages, like, route within a group or one-to-one. Enhance teamwork by collaboration features such as one-touch video and voice calls and live-streams.

Enhance Interaction and Productivity by Customizable and Flexible Configuration

Build a digital collaboration platform reflecting your own corporate identity with your logo and domain name. Communicate instantly with your team members and increase engagement by means of news, updates, announcements, comments, likes and reactions. Manage your communication with your business associates and customers fast, secure and unified through personalized channels. Foster the interaction and enhance team productivity.

Deploy All Communication and Collaboration Tools for your needs at a unified Platform.


Integrate readily with your current applications by API-based configuration. Embed your own corporate logo and domain name. Incorporate corporate idendities incommunication messages


Manage user login through your corporate accounts by means of LDAP/Active Directory and SSO integration. Let users plan meetings by their Outlook calenders in addition to your corporate e- mails.


Connect your teams to each other and foster their interactions. Create unlimited number of sub- channels inside the teams, set the privacy and notification rules, exchange messages, share files, post comments and jump in tovideo conferences. Interact with your customers smoothly through dedicated channels. Manage the privacy and notification settings of corporate and guest channels seperately in detail.

Video Conference:

Switch to video / voice calls instantly in one-to-one or group Messaging. Enhance teamwork with collaboration features such as survey, screen sharing, white board and remote desktop management.


Live-stream, record and share your online meetings, trainings and events.

High-Quality Video and Audio:

Broadcast your meetings with high-resolution video and audio. Adapt to the changing network loads automatically by adoptive bit rate optimization.

User-Friendly Interface:

Customize your profile, change your status settings and edit your personal info. Access to statistical information about your channels, messages and file sharing instances.

Scalable Configuration:

Meet increasing number of users and traffic load by source need basis scaleble configuration

News Feed:

Share your internal announcements, important news, event posts and information from a single platform. Enhance engagements by likes and comments features for your posts.

OTR (Off The Record) messaging:

Provide high level of protection features in sensitive communication and file sharing where privacy and confidentiality remain the top concern. OTR feature enables that no data is recorded on the system and all communication is deleted automatically upon the end of the call.

File Sharing:

Easily upload encrypted documents, pictures or other files share them instantly with your team.

Detailed Reporting:

Access easily to the statistical details about users, number of the teams and channels, the total number of the messages sent, the files shared and the video conferences held.


Exchange messages either one-to-one or within a group, share files and audio records. Enhance team productivity with instant switch to voice and video calls. Monitor particular issues or messages hierarchically by Thread Chat featureon regular basis.